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Choropleth Map

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The Choropleth Map dashboard item allows to colorize the required areas in proportion to the provided values.

Providing Maps

Default Maps

Default maps showing various parts of the world.

  • World Countries – a world map.
  • Europe – a map of Europe.
  • Asia – a map of Asia.
  • North America – a map of North America.
  • South America – a map of South America.
  • Africa – a map of Africa.
  • USA – a map of the USA.
  • Canada – a map of Canada.

Select a default map

  • To select a default map click on the Default Map button on the Design – Open menu.

Custom Maps

You can use shape-file (.shp ) vector format to provide custom maps.

  • Either load a shape-file or import a shape-file map by clicking the button on the Design – Open menu.

Map Attributes

You can view supplemental information (such as the name of the country, state, etc.).

  • Click the Options button next to the Attribute data item.

  • Click Preview.

This displays the available attributes for your current map.

Note! Each set of attribute values is related to a specific map shape.

Data Binding

The Choropleth Map has the Attribute and Maps data sections.


The Attribute section contains the Attribute data item, which allows you to associate map shapes with data source field values.

  • To associate map shapes with data source field values, drag-and-drop the required dimension to the data item’s placeholder and select the required attribute in the Map Attribute Binding dialog.
    To invoke this dialog, click the Options button next to the Attribute placeholder.

The Maps data section contains data items whose values are used to color map shapes.

  • Click the Options button next to the Value placeholder and select the required map type in the invoked Choropleth Map Options dialog.

  • Select Value to map colors map shapes depending on the values provided.
  • Select Delta, to map colors map shapes depending on the difference between two values.


  • To add supplementary content to the tooltips, drag and drop the required measures to provide additional data.


The Choropleth Map item colors map shapes depending on the values.

Palette – Scales

It automatically selects palette and scale settings to color the map.

  • To customize the palette, click the Options button next to the data item that contains these values.

Color Palette

Color palette – allows you to specify the start and end color of the palette.


Scale settings – specifies whether a percent scale or an absolute scale is used to define a set of colors.


Delta indicates the difference between the actual and target values of a particular parameter.

  • Click the Options button next to the data item container to specify delta indication.


Value types
  • Use the Value type combo box to select the value that will be displayed as the delta value.
Result Indications
  • Use the Result indication combo box to specify the condition that will be used
Threshold type and Threshold value
  • Specify that a required indicator should only be displayed when the difference between the actual and target values exceeds a specified value.
    Use the Threshold type combo box to select whether you wish to specify the threshold in percentage values or in absolute values. Then use the Threshold value box to specify the threshold value.


A legend is the element of a map that shows values corresponding to each color.

  • Click the Show Color Legend button in the Color Legend – Design menu.

  • Specify the legend’s position and orientation


When Interactivity is enabled, an end-user can click a grid row to make other dashboard items only display data related to the selected record.

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