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Report Grouping

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Insert a Group with the Group Wizard

The easiest way to insert Report groups is to use the Group Wizard.

  • Click Insert Group on the Insert – Optionmenu.

  • Select the field to group on and optionally select fields to add as a Group Footer total.

Note: DBxtra will only show numeric fields to add totals.

Insert Groups manually

  • To insert a group manually right click in the Report design area and select Insert Band – Group Header .


If you choose to add groups manually then you need to repeat this process for each Report Group Header and Footer.

  • Insert the group Field into the GroupHeader .


Tip! Manually inserting groups does not offer you the option to add Group totals.

  • You can insert or edit group totals manually by adding a field and defining the fields Summary properties.

Reorder Report Groups

  • Right click the Group band and select Move Up or Move Down.


  • Or select the Report Group Band and click the small arrow above it and click on Edit and Reorder Bands.



  • Use the Up or Down button to move groups.

Keep Report Groups together / Repeat on Every Page

  • Select the Report Group and click the small arrow above it.


  • Click on the option Keep Together and / or Repeat Every Page .
    The option Repeat Every Page will display the Group header on each Report page.

Delete a Report Group

  • Select the Report Group and click the small arrow above it and select Delete .
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