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Quick Chart Wizard

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Tip! Usually you should place a Chart in the Report Header; Report Footer or in a Group Header or Group Footer section (Report Bands).

Important! It is recommended not to place the Chart in the detail section because you would get a Chart for each record.

  • If necessary insert a new Section Report Bands.
  • Select the Report Bands where to place the Chart.


  • Click the Quick Chart button on the Insert – Options menu.

  • Select the Chart type .

Tip! The Quick Chart wizard allows only selecting of the most common Chart types.
You can edit the Chart type either in the Property Grid or by using the Advanced Chart Wizard (Legacy version) wizard.


  • Select the Data Source for the Chart.

Tip! This can either be the Reports original Data Source or an added Data Source .

  • Assign the X Axis .
  • Assign Data Series (Y Axis).


  • Fill in a Title and assign the Position .
  • Define Axis X and Axis Y settings.


  • Click the Chart Preview tab to change the Chart palette and style.


  • When done click Finish .

The Chart will be inserted in the Report Bands you selected.

  • Re-size and re-position the Chart.



You can also create the Chart with the Quick Chart wizard  and then select it and fine tune with the Advanced Chart Wizard (Legacy version) wizard.


  • Re-size and re-position the Chart.
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