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Data Grid Formatting

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Assign Formatting

  • To assign a column format select it, right click it and select a Format Column option.
  • Or click Format Fields on the Data Grid Options menu.

Note! The format will be assigned to all Data Grid Views and also to all Pivot Grid Views.

Note! Changes will be reflected immediately in the DBxtra Designer – DBxtra Desktop Viewer – Report Web Service – Data Grid and Pivot Grid.

Assign special Formatting

  • Select Custom Format .

  • Enter any custom format in the Custom tab.


  • To assign a click-able hyperlink  to a field select it and choose Hyperlink .

  • Caption: enter a Caption for the hyper link.
  • Field URL: select the field which holds the URL.
  • Target: select the Web browser target.

Here is how the hyperlink will be displayed in the Report Designer Data Grid.

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