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Advanced Chart Wizard

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Tip! Usually you should place a Chart in the Report Header; Report Footer or in a Group Header or Group Footer section (Report Bands).

Important! It is recommended not to place the Chart in the detail section because you would get a Chart for each record.

  • If necessary insert a new Section Band .
  • Select the band where to place the Chart.


  • Click the Advanced Chart button on the Report menu.

Chart Creation

Chart Design

  • Select the Chart type.

Note! Chart options may vary depending on the chart type.


  • Drag and drop data member to the correspondent data cell.

  • Define options.

X-Y Diagram

  • Define Options.

Default Pane

  • Define Options.

Primary Axis X

  • Define Options.

Primary Axis Y

  • Define Options.


  • Define Options.


  • Define Options.


  • Define Options.

Add additional Chart elements

  • Click on the (+) icon to add element like Titles, etc.

  • To view the additional options click the (eye) icon.
  • To delete the added options click the (trash can) icon.


  • Yo can fine tune each chart property in the Property panel.

Edit a Chart

  • To edit an existing Chart select it and click the Advanced Chart button.

Delete a Chart

  • Right click the Chart and select Delete.

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