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Edit Report Fields and Labels

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Re-size Fields

  • Select the field and re-size it by dragging.


Edit a Field Data Binding Property

  • Edit a fields property by selecting it and clicking the arrow on top of it.


  • Change the fields data binding to another data field.
  • If you select None then the field will change to a label.

Move a Field

  • Move a field or several fields at the same time by selecting and dragging them to another position or band.
  • To select multiple fields hold down the CTRL key.

Copy and paste Fields

  • Copy a field by selecting it and clicking the Copy button on the Copy menu.
  • Cut a field by selecting it and clicking the Cut button on the Copy menu.
  • Paste a field by clicking the Paste button on the Copy menu.

Delete Fields

  • Select the fields and click the Delete key.

Refresh Fields

  • When having a Report open in the Visual Report Designer and adding columns to the underlying Query you need to click Refresh Fields on the Panes menu in order to get all updated fields.
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