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Report Bands

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The Visual Report Designer is divided by Report bands .

When you start designing a Report, DBxtra will show the following Bands: Report Header; Page Header; Detail Band, Page Footer and Report Footer.

Report Header Band

This band is shown on top of the first Report page.

Tip! If the Report is created from a saved Report Object then it will insert its name as Report header; if not you need to enter – edit it manually.

Page Header Band

This band will show on top of each page.

Group Header Bands

This band shows for each group on top of it.

Detail Band

This band holds detail fields and will grow as necessary to show all records.

Detail Report Band

This band holds data for a bound Sub-Report and will grow to show all records of it.

Group Footer Band

This band shows for each group on the bottom of it.

Report Footer Band

This band is shown below all other bands on the last page of the Report.

Page Footer Band

Insert a Report Band

  • To insert a new band right click on the Report area and select the type of band to insert.

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