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Report Totals

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You can either use the Total Wizard or enter summarized totals manually.

Insert a Report Total with the Total wizard

  • Select the Report Band and click Insert Totals on the Insert – Option menu.

  • Select the data fields to summarize.

Totals will be inserted into the Report Footer Band.

Note: If you need to change the summary options from Sum to any other you need to do that manually.

Insert Totals manually

  • Select the field and select the Property Panel summary options.

Note: Summarized field can not be placed in the Detail band .

  • Click on the  button.

  • Bound field: select the bound field to summarize on.
  • Summary function: choose a summary function like Sum, Max, Min, Average, etc.
  • Format string: select a format for the summarized function.
  • Summary Running:
    • None: does not summarize.
    • Page: summarizes totals for each page.
    • Group: summarizes totals for each Report Group.
    • Report: summarizes totals for the whole Report.
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