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Dashboard Range Filter Item

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The Range Filter item allows you to apply filtering to other dashboard items. This item displays a chart with selection thumbs that allow you to filter out values displayed along the argument axis.

Providing Data


The Values section contains data items against which the Y-coordinates of data points are calculated.


The Arguments section contains data items that provide values displayed along the horizontal axis of the Range Filter. Filtering is performed based on these values.

Note! The Range Filter allows only one data item to be added to the Arguments section.


The Series section contains data items whose values are used to create chart series.

Note! The legend is displayed in the above screenshot to illustrate a series that has been created from data item values. The Range Filter does not have the capability to show a legend.


The Range Filter dashboard item supports various Line and Area series types.

  • To switch between series types, click the options button next to the required data item in the Values section.
  • In the invoked Series Type dialog, select the required series type and click OK.


When Interactivity is enabled, an end-user can click a grid row to make other dashboard items only display data related to the selected record.

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