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Format Reports with Styles

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DBxtra makes it easy to design and apply often used styles.

Create a new Style from an existing formatted Field

  • Select a previously formatted control.


  • Click Save Format As New Style on the Style menu.

  • Assign a name for the new style.

Assign a Style to a Field

  • Select the Control and click the Style drop-down box from the Style menu.
  • Select an existing style to apply.

Even and Odd Styles

  • Even and odd styles (zebra strips) can only be applied to tables and panels.

Assign styles in the Property Grid.

  • Click on Styles in the Property Grid.

  • Select a style.

Delete a Style

  • Click the Style option on the Font menu and select Delete .

  • Select one or more styles and click Delete .

Manage Styles in the Style window

  • Click on the small arrow in the Report area.

  • Click on the Style Sheet control.

  • Click the   + button to add a news style.
  • Define all style settings and click the Close button.
  • Click x to delete the selected style.
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