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Pivot Grid Charts

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Show a Pivot Grid Chart

  • To show a Pivot Chart select the position from the Show Chart drop-down box.

Pivot Chart Options

  • To display the Pivot Chart option menu select the Chart Options tab or click on the Pivot Chart area.

This will show the Pivot Chart menu.


This will reset the Pivot Chart to its original state.

Chart Title

By default DBxtra will add the name of the Report Object as Pivot Chart title but you can change it.

Chart Type

  • Select one of the most common used Pivot Chart type.

Note! Using the Advanced Chart Options offers you many more chart types.


  • Select one of the most common color palettes.

Show Point Labels

  • Select if to show point labels or not.

Show Titles

  • Select if to show Pivot Chart titles or not.

Show Chart Background

  • Select if to show the Pivot Chart background color or not.

Advanced Chart Options

This opens the Advanced Pivot Chart wizard where you have many option to personalize your chart.

See also: Advanced Chart wizard.

Generate Series from Row

  • Select if to create series from rows.

Show Columns Grand Totals

  • Select if to show grand totals from columns.

Show Row Grand Totals

  • Select if to show grand totals from rows.

Chart Selection only

  • Select if to display Pivot Chart data only for selected area.

If you select this option then the Pivot Chart will automatically be updated to show data from the selected fields.

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