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Send merged Reports to customers automatically with the DBxtra Schedule Server

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Let’s suppose you want to send reports to customers where each customer gets his merged data on a scheduled date and time.

Let’s take a look at the report we setup.

This report shows customer invoices grouped by “invoice id” where the underlying query has a date filter like “= ‘<|Yesterday|>’” which means that only invoice from yesterday will be retrieved.

The underlying query also includes the field “Id_Customer” which will be the merge field.

Now; let’s setup the merge catalogue.

The Merge catalogue is called “Customer-Merge-Catalogue “ and we included the fields “Id_Customer” which will be used as the merge field, “Contact”, and Email.

Let’s setup the Schedule Server job to send this report out each day in the morning.

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  • Add a new Schedule Server Job and select E-mail – Merge DBxtra Object.

  • Click Settings.
  • Configure your Merge settings.

Let’s use the “Customer-Merge-Catalogue” we setup before.

DBxtra Object: The DBxtra Object is the Merge Catalogue “Customer-Merge-Catalogue”.

Key: the merge field. Important! The report to be sent out requires a field with the same data type as the Merge Field.

E-mail: this field will be used as the e-mail recipient.

Company: In this case the customer name.

Contact: In this case the contact name.

Setup the E-mail settings.

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  • Once finished setting up the Job configuration click Save.
  • Now, let’s select to whom to send the reports to.
  • Click To and select Always pull all records from the merge catalogue.

Click OK.

You can even personalize the message by adding merged field to the message text.

Now; Lets’ add the report to send.

Click Attach and select the report “Invoices – Send to Customers”.

  • When finished click OK.
  • Select the field on which to merge the report.

In this case the merge field is “Id_Customer”.

  • Save the Schedule Server Job and configure the Recurrence.

The final result:

The Schedule Server will be executed to send each customer their merged invoices.

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