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Add Schedule Job – Data Dump

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You can automatically send DBxtra Queries results to your data warehouse.

  • Open the Schedule and click the Add Job button.

  • Add a Job description.
  • Select a DBxtra Report Object.

DBxtra Queries and Reports can be sent as different file formats, select what you want to send in order to see the available formats.

Note! If a Report has an user-input Parameters , then when choosing it to be scheduled you’ll need to assign the Parameter.
The Report will be scheduled with the assigned Parameter.

  • Select the data connection your report object will be exported to.

Note: The data connection must be created beforehand in the Designer, right now only SQL Server is supported.

  • Select the table you’ll export the report object to.

Note: If you want to, DBxtra can also automatically create the table, for that, select Create Table if not exists, this will export the report object as is and you won’t be able to change field names.

  • Add the fields you want to export as well as to what fields in the receiving table will be exported to.
  • Click Ok.

  • Click Save.
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