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Report Data Sources

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DBxtra allows creating Reports from more than one data source.

You can also add a bound Sub-Report or a Chart from the added data source.

The main Data Source of the Report is derived from the underlying Query.
You can add additional Data Sources to the Report to be used in Charts, bound Sub-reports, etc.

Add a new Report Data Source

  • Click Additional Data Sources on the Insert – Option menu.

  • Select and double click an Report Object to add it.
  • Adding a Relationship allows to create bound Sub-Reports and also bound Charts.

  • Select Fields form the drop down box to relate the data source to the main Report.

Important! These fields must be of the same field type.

  • Click Add Key to create the relationship.
  • Click Add Relationship .

  • Click Ok to insert the new data source into the report.

The added Data Source can now be accessed from within the Field List.

Remove a Report Data Source

  • Click Data Source on the Insert menu.
  • Select the Data Source .

  • Click Remove Data Source .
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