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Backup – Restore a Report Repository

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Backup the Repository to XML

You can make a logical backup of the repository in XML by selecting >Report Server->DBxtra Repository->Backup DBxtra Repository to XML.

Backup the Report Repository physical file

To back up the physical Repository file, locate the repository file, then copy the file to your preferred location.

Note! You can verify the location of the Report Server in the DBxtra Designer by selecting Report Server->DBxtra Repository->DBxtra Repository Path.

We recommend to close all DBxtra applications and stop all DBxtra before proceeding the backup .


Restore the Repository from XML

You can restore a XML backup into a new empty Report Repository by selecting to Report Server->DBxtra Repository->Restore DBxtra Repository from XML.

Restore the Repository from physical file

To restore the XML Report Repository file, you can either replace the Repository file in an existing Report Server or create a new Report Server instance, selecting the folder where your repository file is located.

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