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Schedule Server Problem – automated jobs won’t run

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July 12th, 2012 4:03 pm

Problem: I can’t make the Schedule Server run any automated job, but if i run them manually they run fine.

Solution: The most probable scenario for this problem is that the Schedule Service can’t connect to the Repository, to solve this, you must do as follows:

1.- Open the Schedule Server, note that with Windows Vista/Server 2008 and newer you must run the Schedule Server as Administrator, to do this right click the shortcut and select Run as Administrator.

2.- Stop the Schedule Service (Utilities->Schedule Service->Service Stop)

3.- Uninstall the Schedule Service (Utilities->Schedule Service->Install/Uninstall)

4.- Connect to your repository either directly to the file or via the Report Web Service (Utilities->DBxtra Repository->Connect to DBxtra Repository)

5.- Once the program restarts, Install the service again (Utilities->Schedule Service->Install/Uninstall)

6.- This must have started the service again, if didn’t start it manually (Utilities->Schedule Service->Service Start)

Note that if the Service Stop and Service Start buttons are disabled then the Schedule Service is not installed and you must start from the 4° point.

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