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Create a new Schedule

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Define New Schedule

  • Click New Schedule on the menu.

  • Enter as Schedule name.
  • Select the folder to save the Schedule to.

Define Schedule Recurrence


You can define the following recurrence parameters:

  • Only once: this will send the Schedule only once.
  • Daily: This will send the Schedule daily
  • Weekly Let’s you choose days the Schedule has to be sent
  • Monthl: This will run the Schedule on the configured day each month.
  • First day of month: This will run the Schedule on the first day of each month
  • Last day of month: This will run the Schedule on the last day of each month
  • Custom: Let’s you choose an value ( Each ) in minutes, hours, days or months


Define if to run Missed schedule


If for any reason your PC / Server was not running on the time a Schedule was scheduled then the DBxtra Schedule Server will execute the last missed Schedule once the application is available again.

  • Optionally you can turn that functionality off.

Send a log file by E-mail

  • Select this option if you want the DBxtra Schedule Server to send an E-mail with an attached XML log file the Schedule execution.

Enable Schedule

By default DBxtra will enable the Schedule; but if for any reason you don’t want the Schedule to be executed automatically you can disable it by toggling the Enable checkbox.

Schedule Server Jobs – Add New

Log file by E-mail

  • If you chose to send a log file by E-mail you’ll receive an XML file.

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