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Multi-Object Web Report Widget

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The Multi Object script allows you to embed several DBxtra Reports with a navigation menu into any web page.

Create a Multi-Object Report Widget script

  • Click on the Multi-Object Web Report Widget button on the Multi-Object Web Report Widget menu.

Multi-Object Script Options

Web Report Widget Options

  • Iframe name : by default the Iframe name is Home but you can assign any other name for it.
  • Iframe Width: assign the Iframe’s width in pixels.
  • Iframe Height : assign the Iframe’s height in pixels.
  • Show Frame Scrollbars : select if to show / hide the scrollbar.
  • Show Frame Boarder : define if to show a border around the Iframe.

Multi Object Script tab

Script Type

  • You can choose between radio buttons, list box and combo box
Script Options

  • Include Fieldset: a  fieldset is a frame around the selection option.
  • Legend Text: if you choose to show the fieldset then you can also assign a text for it.
  • Insert Line Break: this option defines if a line break is inserted after each object name to choose from.
  • Enable Font: if enabled then you assign font settings for the fieldset.Item Collection

  • Select a DBxtra Object from the Select Object drop down box and click the Add button .

Object Options tab

General Options

  • Define each option.
Included Menu Buttons

  • Define each option.

Report Page Options

  • Define each option.
Data Grid / pivot Grid Options

  • Define each option.

Object Scripts

The Object Script is required to display the DBxtra object in the Web page.

Logout Scripts

The Logout Script logs the user out of the Report Web Service session.

The Logout URL script sends the user to a specified URL when logging out of the Report Web Service.

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