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Dashboard Pivot Table Item

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The Pivot Dashboard item displays a cross-tabular report that presents multi-dimensional data in an easy-to-read format.

Providing Data


The Values section contains data items used to calculate values displayed in the pivot table.


The Columns section contains data items whose values are used to label columns.


The Rows section contains data items whose values are used to label rows.

Conditional Formatting

Learn here about conditional formatting.


Expanding and Collapsing Groups

If the Columns section or Rows section contains several data items, the pivot table column and row headers are arranged in a hierarchy, and make up column and row groups.

  • You can collapse and expand row and column groups using the > buttons.

Initial Collapsed State

The actual collapsed state of column and row groups in the Designer is not saved in the Dashboard. However, the Dashboard allows you to specify the collapsed state to be applied in the Viewer by default.

  • To do this, use the Initial State button on the Data – Layout menu.

This button invokes the pop-up menu that allows you to select whether column and row groups should be collapsed or expanded by default in a Dashboard Viewer.

Adding Totals to Columns and Rows

  • Select if to add Totals to rows and columns.

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