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Format Reports

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Format Report Fields, Labels and Controls

The Report Designer allows precise formatting and fine tuning of your Reports.

Font menu

  • Select any control and format it by clicking one of the Font menu options.


  • To adjust the Control Layout settings, select two or more controls and click one of the layout option on the Layout menu.

Tip: Move your mouse over the menu options to learn what each control does.

Quick Formats

  • Select the FontControl and select one of the options from the Format menu.

Tip! Numeric formatting can only be applied to numeric fields and date format options only to date type fields.

Tip! When selecting a numeric, currency, percentage or date field option the text alignment will be set to right.

More Formatting Options – Property Grid

  • You can access all formatting option for each control by selecting it and editing it’s properties in the Property Grid.

Set Borders

  • Select between toprightbottomleft and all.

  • Format as needed.
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