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Add Schedule Job – Alert DBxtra Users

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This option allows you to send E-mail alerts to DBxtra users.

You can also attach DBxtra Reports or any other file.

  • Open the Schedule and click the Add Job button.


Add Contacts

  • Select DBxtra users to alert.
  • Click To .


  • Enter a Job description.

Write Message

  • Enter a message into the body area.


The DBxtra Schedule takes configuration default settings from the Schedule Project Configuration but you can configure each Job’s settings individually by clicking the Settings button.


  • You can add attachments by clicking the Attach button.

The attachment can either be a DBxtra object like a Query or Report or any other file

  • If you choose to attach a DBxtra Report select it from the drop down box and define in which format to send it.
  • Reports can be embedded into the Email body by selecting >Embed into Email body.

Note! If a Report has an user-input Parameters , then when choosing it to be scheduled you’ll need to assign the Parameter.
The Report will be scheduled with the assigned Parameter.

DBxtra Queries can be sent as: Text; CSV, or XML file format.

DBxtra .NET Reports can be sent as: PDF, HTML, Text; CSV, MHT, Excel, RTF, image or XML file format.

  • Optionally select Zip files to compress files to be sent.
  • Click Ok .


  • Click Save.
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