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Create, Edit and Delete Projects

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Create a new Project

  • To create a new Project click the Project button on the New menu.

  • Assign a Project name and define User Groups with privileges to view Report Objects from this Project.
  • Click Create .

  • Select a Database Connection Type .

Tip! If you do not want to assign a Data Connection at this moment (you can do this later), then click the Cancel button.

The new Project will be created and can be accessed from within the Project Explorer.

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Edit Project Properties

  • To edit a Project Property select the Project and right-click it and select Properties .


Project Name: You can change the name of the Project.

Default directory to export files: The path where DBxtra will output exported files.

First day of week: Define the first day of week; useful for DBxtra Date Functions.

Connection timeout: Define the connection timeout (seconds).

Command timeout: define the command timeout – (seconds).


  • Select which User Groups can have access to this project.

Delete a Project

  • To delete a Project select the Project in the Project Explorer and click the Delete button on the menu.

Important! When you delete a Project all associated objects like folders, Queries and Reports will also be deleted and place into the Recycle Bin Bin.

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