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Web Report Widget Scripts

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The following section applies to all three Web Report Widget Scripts (Web Report Widget – Home Script | Web Report Widget – Multi Object Script | Web Report Widget – Object Script)

Copy and Paste a Web Report Widget Script into your Web page

Copy the Script

  • Once you’re finished configuring your script click Copy Script button.

This will place the script onto the Clipboard.

Paste the Script

  • Open your Web page with your favorite HTML editor.
  • Select the place where to insert the DBxtra object and paste the code.


Save and publish your Web file

  • Save and  publish your Web page.

From this moment on your DBxtra Objects will be available from within your Web page.

Save a Script

  • You can save the generated configuration and its script by clicking the Save or Save As button.

Load a Script

  • To load a priory generated configuration and its script select it form the drop down box.

Edit a Script

  • To edit a script load it, do changes and save it.

Delete a Script

  • To delete a configuration and its script and click the x – Delete button.
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