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Upgrade DBxtra

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Important for registered customers! In order to upgrade DBxtra to the newest version, your maintenance contract must be up to date. If your maintenance contract is out of date DO NOT upgrade to the latest version.

You can also order the maintenance contract from the customer panel.

Download DBxtra

  • Download the latest DBxtra version from the customer panel.

Run the Setup

DBxtra will automatically un-install any prior DBxtra version before installing the latest release.

DBxtra Report Web Service Upgrade.


1.) The Report Web Service runs on your local PC.
If you have the DBxtra Report Repository running as a Report Web Service on your local PC than DBxtra will automatically update the Report Web Service.

See also: Repair a Report Web Service

2.) The Report Web Service runs on your Server or Web Server.

Run the DBxtra setup directly on the Server or Web Server and open DBxtra from it.

DBxtra will automatically update the Report Web Service.

See also: Repair a Report Web Service

3.) The Report Web Service is on a remote shared Web Server.

Download the Report Web Service files from here.

  • Delete the Bin folder in your virtual directory.

Copy all files contained in the download to your Report Web Service Virtual directory replacing existing files.

Tip! Always do a backup of all files of your Virtual Directory before uploading the new files.

Important! DO NOT delete or replace the files “DBxtraDB.mdb (sdf)” and “DBxtraScheduleHistoryDB.mdb (sdf)” from your Virtual Directory.

Upgrade XL Reporting Service

XL Reporting Service may not be upgraded by default and the setup has to be run manually.

Run setup.exe from the folder C:\Program Files\DBxtra .NET\XL Reporting.

Important! Before you install this new version, we recommend that you test DBxtra 10 in a testing environment before upgrading it to your production environment.

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