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Viewing Dashboards

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You can view your dashboards from within the DBxtra Designer or within the Report Web Service.

Report Designer

  • When designing your Dashboard you can preview it by selecting the Dashboard Preview tab.

Note! Only a small amount of data will be shown.

  • To open the Dashboard with the complete data select Dashboard View .

Report Web Service

  • To view a Dashboard with the Report Web Service open it just like any other Report Object from the Report Web Service panel.

Printing and Exporting

Print – Export a Dashboard Item

  • Print or export a Dashboard item by clicking button at the top right corner of the item and choosing the required action (Print PreviewExport to PDF or Export to Image.

Print – Export the whole Dashboard

  • To print or export the whole Dashboard select the arrow on the upper right corner and choose the required action (Print PreviewExport to PDF or Export to Image.

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