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Dashboard Scatter Chart Item

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The below image shows a sample Scatter Chart.

Providing Data

  • To bind a Scatter Chart item to data, drag and drop a data source field to a placeholder.

The below lists describes Scatter Chart data sections.

  • X-Axis Measure Contains the data item against which the X-coordinates of data points are calculated.
  • Y-Axis Measure Contains the data item against which the Y-coordinates of data points are calculated.
  • Weight Measure Contains the data item whose values are used to calculate the weight of data points.
  • Arguments Dimension Contains data items providing scatter chart arguments that are used to create data points.

Transpose X and Y axis

  • To transpose the selected Scatter Chart dashboard item, click Transpose in the Home – Itemmenu.

Rotate the Scatter Chart

  • To rotate the Scatter Chart click the Rotate button on the Design – Diagram menu.

Define X-Axis and Y-Axis settings

  • Click the X-Axis Settings and Y-Axis Settings to define settings.

Define Point Label settings

  • Click Point Labels in the Design – Labels menu.


  • Click the Show Legend button in the Design – Legend menu to toggle this option.

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