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Report Web Service Language Options

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Define Report Web Service Languages

DBxtra allows you to choose different languages and also translate – personalize the Report Web Service.

  • Select >Report Web Service>Options>Define Languages.

Set a Language as Default

  • Select the Language.

Once a language default has been assigned it will be immediately applied to your Report Web Service.

Create a new language file

  • Load an existing language and click Save As on the menu.

  • Assign a name for the language file.
  • To set this language as the default for your Report Web Service check the Set as default checkbox.

Edit a Language File

Important! You can’t edit the original English language file; you’ll need to create a new one.

  • To load a language file, select it from the language drop-down box.

  • Select a Language tab and Object Name.
  • Edit the text for each translation.
  • When finished editing click the Save button.

Export a language File

You can export a Language file by clicking the Export button on the menu.

Note! DBxtra has customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.
If you want to share your language File you can send it to us and we’ll upload it to our Server so other customers can use it also.

Import a language File

  • To import a language file click the Import button on the menu.
  • Select the XML Language File and select Open on the Windows dialogue box.

You can download additional language files from here.

Note! End-user can select the language they want to use in the Report Web Service Login window. Read here.

Note! The language settings will also apply for the Web Report Widget.

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