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Connect to ODBC

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Click “New” on the Connectionmenu.

Select “Connection ODBC”.

In this example we are going to establish an ODBC  connection  to a MS SQL Server database.

Connection name: assign a name.

Database source: Click the button.

Select “Use connection string”.

Click the “Build” button.

If you already have a valid DSN then select it.

To build a new DSN click “New”..

Select a valid ODBC driver.

Enter the name of the file data source or click “Browse”.

Click “Finish”.

Enter a description for the ODBC data source.

Select a valid Server name.

Select the authentication option.

Click “Next”.

Select the database.

Click “Next”.

Click “Next”.

To test the connection click “Test Data Source…”.

If the connection was established successfully you will receive a confirmation message.

Click “Ok”.

Enter the password for the Server database.

Click “Ok” to finish the ODBC setup.

User: enter the user id.

Password: enter the database password.

SQL dialect: define which SQL dialect to use. That should be consistent with the database Server version of your database.

Important! Due to incompatibles, selecting the Auto SQL dialect might present various problems using the Auto SQL dialect with some database Servers.

Be sure to select the right SQL dialect for your connection.

Assign user groups with privileges to open objects from this connection.

Enable Offline mode: Learn more here.

Select User Groups who can view the Connection: assign user groups with privileges to open objects from this connection.

Click “Ok” to establish the connection.

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