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Report Web Appearance Configuration

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DBxtra manages style sheets for style configuration of the Report Web Service.

To make it easier for you to configure styles without knowledge of css formatting DBxtra includes a style manager.

  • From within the DBxtra Designer click Configuration & Appearance on the Report Web Service – Option menu.

General Configuration

Session Timeout: set the session time out for the Report Web Service.

Default Appearance: select on of the color schemes.

Report Viewer Width: Select between Fixed and Dynamic.

Note! By default DBxtra sets the value to “fixed”.
You can see the reports in frame of either fixed or dynamic width, with the fixed option, the frame fill a part of the screen regardless of the size of the report, while the dynamic option makes the frame fit the size of the report regardless of the size of the screen.

You can change each report viewer width individually. Learn more here: read under “Report Page Options”.

Configure a Web Report Style

Load a Style

  • To load a style select it form the Style Template drop-downbox.


Create a new Style

a.) Customize the .css file.

b.) Create a custom.css file.

Script tab

  • You can add any html or JavaScript into the Header, Footer, Left and Right Panel.

Save a Web Report Style

  • To save a Style click the Save icon.

Set a Web Report Style as Default

  • Select the Default checkbox to assign a style as default.

The new style will be immediately applied to the Report Web Service Web Viewer.

Delete a Web Report Style

  • To delete a style click the Delete icon.

Edit the style sheet manually

All style sheets are located in a folder named Styles inside the Report Web Services virtual directory.



  • You can also edit each style sheet manually and changes will be reflected in the Configuration & Appearance window.
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