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Enabling Active Directory

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To enable Active Directory integration, do as follows:

1.- Open the DBxtra Designer.

2.- Go to Utilities->Security->Windows Active Directory.

3.- There, enable the Windows Active Directory check box.

4.- You’ll be asked to provide the address and protocol for your Active Directory server, note that the protocol must be in upper case and that you must provide the full path of your domain controller, for example: LDAP://ad.dbxtra.com

5.- You’ll also be asked the user and password of a user that can query the domain controller, we recommend you to use the domain Administrator user or a user with full administrative privileges on the domain.

Note: The user used here will be set as the DBxtra’s Admin user, use that user to log in when DBxtra restarts

6.- Click Apply, this will import the Users and User Groups available on your domain and restart DBxtra.

Note: Enabling Active Directory will make DBxtra use your Active Directory users and user groups only, that means that DBxtra users and user groups will be unable to log in.

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