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Note! You require a license in order to be able to customize the Web output.

Object Web Customization

This feature lets you customize how an individual object will bea displayed in the Web Browser.

  • Click on the Customization button.

General Options

  • Theme: select the theme for the object.
  • Style: select the style for the Object.
  • Include Logo: define if to include the logo.
  • Include Menu: select if to show the menu.
  • Include Object Comment: define if to include the object comment.
  • Include Object Name: define if to show the name of the Object.
  • Include Powered by DBxtra: define if to include that legend.
  • Hide Header – Footer – Right Side Bar, Left Side Bar: define if to hide those elements.

Data Grid Options

  • Show Data Grid: define if to show access to the Data Grid.
  • Include Views: define if to show Data grid Views.
  • Include Summaries: define if to show Data Grid summaries.

Pivot Grid Options

  • Show Pivot Grid: define if to show access to the Pivot Grid.
  • Include Visible Rows: define if to show visible data rows.
  • Include Sort by Field: define if to allow the sort by field option.

Report Page Options

  • Show Report: define if to grant access to the show Report link.
  • Report Viewer Width: Select between Fixed and Dynamic.

Note! By default DBxtra sets the value to “fixed”.
You can see the reports in frame of either fixed or dynamic width, with the fixed option, the frame fill a part of the screen regardless of the size of the report, while the dynamic option makes the frame fit the size of the report regardless of the size of the screen.

  • Include Report Toolbar: choose if to include the Report toolbar.
  • Allow Report Export: define if to allow exporting from a Report.

Included Menu Buttons

  • Include Menu Home Button: define if to show a link to Report Web Service’s home.
  • Home Explorer Links: define if to open Reports in the same or in a new window (tab).
  • Include Report View/Data Grid/Pivot Grid buttons: define if to include those buttons.
  • Include Show/Hide Button: define if to allow to show those buttons.
  • Include Export to Excel: define if to show this button; applies only to Data and Pivot Grids.
  • Include Appearance button: define if to show this button.
  • Include Login/Logout button: define if to show this option.
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