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The Web Report Widget allows embedding any DBxtra DBxtra Report Objects (Report, Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Dashboard) as a single report, a collection of reports and also the complete Report Web Service home page into any web site.

It is easy to configure and you just have to copy and paste a single line of code into your web page to make it work.

Take a look what you can achieve with the Web Report Widget

Important! You need to have a Report Web Service license to be able to use the Web Report Widget.

What you can do with the Web Report Widget

  • Embed any DBxtra Report, Chart, Data Grid, Pivot Grid and Dashboard in any Web page.
  • All embedded Reports are live – real-time – connected.
  • Configure each Report to be opened anonymously or requiring user authentication.
  • Embed the DBxtra Web Report Widget into your Intranet or Web site.

Main Features

  • Just insert a simple script provided by the DBxtra Web Report Widget.
  • No need to know HTML; just copy and paste a line of code.
  • It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to deploy Web Reports.
  • Embed the DBxtra Web Report Widget into your Intranet or Web site.
  • Customize the script: define the dimensions of the report, if to include a Logo, object comments, Report toolbar, Views, summaries, sorting, etc.
  • The Web Report Widget also generates a Refresh and Open in New Window script for you.
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