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Error: Navigation Canceled when opening a Report Object

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We have identified that some customers started experiencing this issue when they open or create a new Report Object:

This problem is caused by a misconfiguration of Internet Explorer when a Microsoft update is applied, the main problem is that the connection timeouts before the Report Web Service responds, this may be experienced also as the inability of opening some specific reports on the Report Web Service using Internet Explorer, having this same message or one pretty much like it, or the inability to open the Report Web Service at all.

Currently, there are one workaround and a solution to this problem:

1. Workaround: The functionality of the Object’s Start Page is available also in the Ribbon, under Home->Design, there you have access to the Query editor, the Data Grid, Pivot Grid and Report Design and Preview, so you may use that buttons instead.

2. Solution: Microsoft have identified this issue and have offered two solutions, these solutions require a modification to the Registry, and can be found here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/181050 and here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/813827, we recommend you to try the first solution and if it doesn’t help try the second one, be aware that this fix must be applied to the computer having this issue and that after applying each fix you need to restart the computer.

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