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Add Schedule Job – Dropbox Upload

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You can automatically upload Reports and files to your Dropbox account.

  • Open the Schedule and click the Add Job button.

  • Add a Job description.
  • Select a DBxtra Report Object.

DBxtra Queries and Reports can be sent as different file formats, select what you want to send in order to see the available formats.

Note! If a Report has an user-input Parameters , then when choosing it to be scheduled you’ll need to assign the Parameter.
The Report will be scheduled with the assigned Parameter.

  • Optionally add a date to the file name.
  • Optionally choose if to zip the file.
  • Click Ok.

  • Click Save.

Authorize your Dropbox account

In order to be able to upload files to your Dropbox account, you must authorize your account first, for that, if you’re adding a new Dropbox job or editing an existing one, click on Settings and in the resulting window you will see the authorization status, the Dropbox folder you’re going to upload your files to and a Authorize button, click on Authorize and this will take you to Dropbox’s site to complete the authorization process.

You may see a message warning you to verify this is the correct application, just click Continue.

Then you will see a prompt asking you to approve the permissions the Schedule Server requires for it to work; the Schedule Server requires the following permissions:

  • Edit content of your Dropbox files and folders and view content of your Dropbox files and folders: This permission is for us to be able to upload files and verify whether the file already exists or not, also it allows us to see the folders you have in your account and create the needed folders for the file you’re going to upload.
  • View basic information about your Dropbox account such as your username, email, and country: This is a basic Dropbox permission, it allows us to display the authorization status and the account linked to this particular authorization.

If you’re ok with the permissions DBxtra asks, just click on Allow.

Once you do so, you will see the message: “Received verification code. You may now close this window.” and in the Schedule Server you will see the Status as Authorized and the Account of said authorization.

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