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Heterogeneous Query

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DBxtra allows creating Queries form more than one Data Source and also from different databases.

For example you can create a Query mixing data from databases like MS SQL Server and Oracle.

  • Proceed as usual creating a Query.
  • Add tables / fields form one database and then from another database.

DBxtra will automatically detect and build the Heterogeneous Query.

Steps for creating a heterogeneous queries:

1.- Start by creating a new report object.

2.- Add a table from the first database you want to use into the Query Builder.

3.- Go to Query->Data Connection->View Data Connections and select the second database you want to use.

4.- Add a table from the second database you want to use into the Query Builder.

5.- You’ll be asked if you want to create an heterogeneous query, click Ok and the query will be automatically converted to an heterogeneous one.

Note: If you remove the tables and end up with the tables from just one database, the query will be converted back to a normal query.

Important! When creating a Query from more than one database then you need to apply the MS Access SQL syntax.

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