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Install the XL Reporting Service

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Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019.

You can download and install the add-on from here. (Requires Internet access during the setup process.)

If you prefer a LAN installation download and install the add-on from here. (Does not require Internet access during the setup process.)
In this case you can place it on a network share and install it from there.

License Activation

The XL Reporting Service license has to be activated through the Internet from within the Excel add-on.

If you install the XL Reporting Service on more than one computer, the first license activation will activate all users and PCs.

Note! Even tough we’ll send you a new DBxtra license you do not need to enter a new license key in the DBxtra Designer.


You can deactivate it from within Excel by choosing :

  • File > Options > Add-ins >
  • Then select Manage and select COM Add-ins
  • Then uncheck the XL Reporting service box


  • Use the Windows Program Uninstaller to uninstall the XL Reporting Service add-on.
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